Hello and welcome to
Tugu Titoune!
I’m Sophie, the creator of your natural tipis, textiles, and clothing for babies and children. I came from the beautiful British countryside of Surrey to the sandy surf beaches of Hossegor 4 years ago, fell in love with my surf instructor (now fiance), and never left! 
Every Tugu Titoune product is handmade here in Hossegor with my hand-designed print fabrics. For little explorers and big adventures! 
The Journey Of Your Tugu Titoune Products
Every collection begins here in South West France, in a sketchbook, which is full of my animal sketches, paint tests, and paper collage print designs. I scan each design into the computer to create unique repeat patterns which are printed onto lovely natural fibre fabrics in England.

Once the rolls of plant-based fabrics have crossed the sea, back to my little beach house, I set about carefully cutting, pinning, and sewing each and every unique Tugu Titoune product.


Some products take a ride in my bike basket to be posted to online customers, and others are packed into the car for busy market days throughout the sunny Hossegor summer. 

What will happen to these products next I wonder? That’s up to your little explorers and their big adventures!