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Hello and welcome to
Tugu Titoune!


From our home to yours, this is the story of Tugu Titoune, and how we make every nature sensitive creation, from fabric print design to the very last stitch.

Hi! I’m Sophie; surfer, skier, mum of 3 chickens, and creator of Tugu Titoune. 7 years ago I arrived on the sandy surf beaches of southwestern France, fell in love with Raph - my surf instructor, and never left! Hossegor is a creative outdoor haven of slow-living. Here I was able to get back to my family roots of creating by hand, and so it was that Tugu Titoune was born.

Every eco-conscious Tugu Titoune product is designed and handmade here in our Hossegor woodland studio, using our very own unique, nature-loving print fabrics. 

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The Journey Of Your Tugu Titoune Products
Each creation starts as a colourful animal collage in my sketchbook. These designs are then scanned into the computer, ready to be printed onto the loveliest natural-fiber fabrics back in England.
Our printing technique uses minimal chemicals, and water, and is low waste. The printing studio also recycles any fabric cut-offs or uses them to make biofuel!
Our plant-based print fabrics then return to our French surf town studio, where we carefully draft, cut, pin, and sew them into limited-edition clothing, accessories, tipis, and nursery décor for children.
Some creations are wrapped in re-usable snack pouches or recycled packaging and popped into my bike basket to be posted to online customers, others are packed into the car for busy market days.
No factories, no shipping containers, no nasties, just buckets of natural organic love, and unique, long-lasting gifts to be handed down through generations.
What happens next to our handmade creations? That’s up to your little explorers and their big adventures!
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