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Make Your Own
Christmas Pudding Bath Bombs!
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Our easy DIY kids bath bombs are great as homemade Christmas gifts!

To celebrate snuggly bath-times we’ve created this fun bath-bomb recipe for you and your little ones.

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These festive bath bombs are quick and easy to make with simple kitchen ingredients. They make joyful homemade Christmas gifts, and kids will love watching them fizz and bubble in the bath!


Watch our short demo video and download your free instructions + 2 bonus recipes below!


In the spirit of Tugu Titoune, we’ve used as many natural ingredients as possible, and have also included a citric-acid free bath bomb recipe.

Download your free instructions + 2 bonus recipes!
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(or vinegar, lemon & baking powder)

(ou vinaigre, citron & levure chimique)

  • Paprika

  • Cinnamon

  • Red Sprinkles

You can find all the ingredients around your kitchen & garden
Share your bath bombs with us
We love seeing your homemade creations, and all the messy fun you had!
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  • Light Oil (eg. Almond, Avocado,

Coconut, or Sunflower)

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