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Natural Steps & Sustainability
I worked really hard for about a year developing this second Tugu Titoune collection. Every product is handmade here in Hossegor with my hand-designed print fabrics, for little explorers and big adventures!
The collection is called "Natural Steps", and there are 3 reasons why:
1. The collection is designed for babies and little explorers from 0-5 years as they take their first real walking steps, and plenty more natural steps into the wonderful world of being an adventurous toddler.
2. I'm beginning to take some challenging but natural steps towards slowly growing Tugu Titoune and reaching more customers.
The Most Important Step
3. Tugu Titoune is taking a lot of little natural steps towards become a sustainable and eco-friendly business. As a small handmade brand with custom print fabric, this can be very expensive, restrictive, and difficult to do! This year I've taken the first few steps, and I will continue improving the sustainability of Tugu Titoune until it's as eco-friendly and nature loving as possible!​ So far:
  • For almost all products, I use only natural plant based fabrics such as cotton, linen, and bamboo, and natural woods such as beech. All of these materials are sourced within Europe.
  • Tugu Titoune fabrics are printed in a studio in England using reactive inks. This process uses less chemicals, water, and waste than other traditional printing methods. They also recycle the fabric cut-offs!
  • All paper labels and business cards are printed on recycled paper in England. All cotton labels are organic.
  • As much packaging as possible is recycled/recyclable and re-used/re-usable. For example, the bibs and swaddles are wrapped in re-usable Kraft paper food bags, great for storing toddler snacks!
  • Every single product is handmade in my little seaside house in Hossegor France. No factories, no shipping containers, no hiding!
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