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Quilted Jacket 9-18 months

Quilted Jacket 9-18 months

Handmade quilt coat in soft cotton and linen. Age 9-18 months. Gender neutral. Mustard yellow with Sophie's Safari print, and a teracotta red lining.


This cute little jacket is completely unique! I upcycled off-cuts off my hand-designed safari print linen, and carefully quilted them with soft wadding and a breathable cotton lining to create this gorgeous boho quilted jacket, finished off with big beautiful wooden buttons.


Gift: A great gender neutral gift for boys or girls who love lions and crocodiles!


Linen: A gorgeous textured natural fabric, which is warm in cold weather, yet breathable and cooling cold weather


A Great Hand-Me-Down: Here at Tugu Titoune we encourage up cycling baby clothes by handing them down to siblings, friends, and cousins. Our cottons, linens, and careful stitches are extra strong for this reason.


Size: 9-18 months.

Made for children of roughly this size: Bust 53-55cm. Waist: 50-51cm. Hip 54-56cm. Back Length 20-22cm. Arm Length: 26-28cm. 


Washing: You can wash these fabrics in the machine on a delicate cycle or hand-wash, no hotter than 30 degrees C.

We recommend hand washing to avoid the linen from shrinking.


The Handmade, Sustainable Journey Of Your Quilted Jacket:

Every collection begins in Hossegor France, in Sophie’s sketchbook, which is full of paper collage print designs. These designs are then printed onto lovely natural fibre fabrics in England.


Once the fabrics have crossed the sea, back to Sophie’s little beach house, she sets about carefully cutting, pinning, and sewing each and every product.


Some take a ride in her bike basket to be posted to online customers, others are packed into the car for busy Hossegor market days.


What will happen to this product next I wonder? That’s up to your little explorers and

their big adventures!

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